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[BELLA] Mini-Circuits ZX60-V82-S+ 20-6000MHz RF low noise amplifier

[BELLA] Mini-Circuits ZX60-V82-S+ 20-6000MHz RF low noise amplifier

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Product Description

Name: RF low noise amplifier Brand: Mini-Circuits Type: ZX60-V82-S+ Frequency: 20-6000MHz Connector: SMA Voltage: 15V – – – – – – -. Price concessions. !. The standing stock company:

model Product name frequency brand
PSC-4-3+ A four divider 0.25-250MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-4-1W+ A four divider 1-500MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-4-1+ A four divider 0.1-200MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-3-1+ A three power divider 1-200MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-3-1W+ A three power divider 5-500MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-2-1+ A two power divider 0.1-400MHZ MINI-circuit
PSC-2-1W+ A two power divider 1-650MHZ MINI-circuit
TSC-2-1+ A two power divider 1-400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-12-S+ A two power divider 2-1200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-42-S+ A two power divider 1900-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-71-S+ A two power divider 2950-7100MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-98-S+ A two power divider 4750-9800MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-126-S+ A two power divider 7400-12600MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-332-S+ A two power divider 1600-3300MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-442-S+ A two power divider 1550-4400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-622-S+ A two power divider 2900-6200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-722-S+ A two power divider 2800-7200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-20-S+ A two power divider 200-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-25-S+ A two power divider 1000-2500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-222-S+ A two power divider 800-2200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZX10-2-252-S+ A two power divider 500-2500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZSC-2-1-75-S+ A two power divider 0.25-300MHZ MINI-circuit
ZSC-2-1+ A two power divider 0.1-400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZSC-2-2+ A two power divider 0.002-60MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN12PD-252-S+ A twelve power divider 800-2450MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN8PD-642W-S+ A eight power divider 1800-6400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN8PD1-53-S+ A eight power divider 500-5000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN4PD-642W-S+ A four divider 1600-6400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN4PD1-63W-S+ A four divider 250-6000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN4PD1-63-S+ A four divider 2000-6000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN4PD1-50-S+ A four divider 500-5000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN4PD-272-S+ A four divider 500-2700MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN3PD-622W-S+ A three power divider 1800-6200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN2PD-63-S+ A two power divider 1800-6000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN2PD-9G-S+ A two power divider 1700-9000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN2PD-20-S+ A two power divider 750-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN2PD2-63-S+ A two power divider 350-6000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZN2PD2-50-S+ A two power divider 500-5000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZMSC-2-1W+ A two power divider 1-650MHZ MINI-circuit
ZMSC-2-1+ A two power divider 0.1-400MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-12-11+ A twelve power divider 10-300MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-12-1+ A twelve power divider 1-200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-6-110+ A six power divider 1-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-6-1+ A six power divider 1-175MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-4-3+ A four divider 10-300MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-4-1W+ A four divider 10-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-4-1+ A four divider 1-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-3-4+ A three power divider 1-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-3-4-75+ A three power divider 1-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-3-1W+ A three power divider 2-750MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-3-1+ A three power divider 1-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-2500-S+ A two power divider 10-2500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-11+ A two power divider 10-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-5+ A two power divider 10-1500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-4+ A two power divider 0.2-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSCJ-2-4+ A two power divider 0.2-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-2 + A two power divider 10-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-1W+ A two power divider 1-750MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSC-2-1+ A two power divider 5-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFSCJ-2-1+ A two power divider 5-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFRSC-2050+ A two power divider DC-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZFRSC-42+ A two power divider DC-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZESC-2-11+ A two power divider 10-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZCSC-8-13-S+ A eight power divider 5-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZC16PD-1900W+ A sixteen power divider 1500-2100MHZ MINI-circuit
ZC4PD-18-S+ A four divider 1000-1800MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB8PD-362+ A eight power divider 600-3600MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB8PD-2000+ A eight power divider 800-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB8PD-2+ A eight power divider 1000-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB8PD-4+ A eight power divider 2000-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB6PD-2+ A six power divider 800-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB4PD-42+ A four divider 1700-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB4PD1-2000+ A four divider 800-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB4PD1-500+ A four divider 5-500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZB3PD-63+ A three power divider 150-6000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-30-S+ A two power divider 20-3000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-21+ A two power divider 500-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-20+ A two power divider 700-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-4+ A two power divider 2000-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-2-252+ A two power divider 5-2500MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-2-272+ A two power divider 800-2700MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-2-21-3W+ A two power divider 700-2100MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-2+ A two power divider 1000-2000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZAPD-1+ A two power divider 500-1000MHZ MINI-circuit
ZA3PD-4+ A three power divider 2000-4200MHZ MINI-circuit
ZA4PD-4+ A four divider 2000-4200MHZ MINI-circuit

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