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19V 4.74A Laptop Ac Adapter Power SUPPLY for Acer AP.09000.001 HIPRO HP-A0904A3 HP-OL093B13P PA-1900-24 PA-1900-04 5.5×1.7mm

19V 4.74A Laptop Ac Adapter Power SUPPLY for Acer AP.09000.001 HIPRO HP-A0904A3 HP-OL093B13P PA-1900-24 PA-1900-04 5.5×1.7mm

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USD 12.99/pieceUSD 12.99/pieceUSD 10.99/pieceUSD 12.99/pieceUSD 3.59/pieceUSD 17.69/piece Specification: Brand New Warranty: 1 YEAR Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60 Hz Output: AC 19V 4.74A Connecter size: 5.5mm*1.7mm Power: 90W Color: Black Package Include:1 x 19V 4.74A AC Adapter (Power cord is NOT included)

If need a cable, please go to the follow link to bid a cable:

Compatible with: (Please contact us if you can not sure the AC adapter.)

ADP-90SB BB ADP-90SB BBAA DT-19V90W3P PA-1900-24 PA-1900-05 PA-1900-04, AK.090AP.016,PA-1900-32

1100-DDR, 1100-S101, 1100-S1105, 1100-SDRAM, 1105, 1105-S101, 1110, 1110-6MU , 1110-6MW

1110-DSW, 1110-S103, 1110-S153, 1110-SP153, 1110-Z14, 1110-Z15, 1115-S103, 1115-S104 1115-S107, 1115-S123, 1115-S123, 1115-SP153, 1130 series, 1130 Small Business Series 1130-5QG, 1130-S155, 1130-S156, 1130-SP155, 1130-Z24, 1130-Z25, 1130-Z29, 1130-Z30, 1135-S125 1135-S155, 1135-S1551, 1135-S1552, 1135-S1553, 1135-S1554, 1135-S156, 1135-SP155, 1605CDS 1620CDS, 1625CDT, 1640CDT, 1670CDS, 1675CDS, 1675CDT, 1690CDT, 1695CDT, 1700, 1710CDS 1710CT, 1715XCDS, 1730, 1730CDT, 1735, 1735XCDS, 1750, 1750CDT, 1755, 1755CDT, 1755XDVD 1900, 1900 series, 1900-000NJ, 1900-004EJ, 1900-101, 1900-102, 1900-203, 1900-303, 1900-305 1900-503, 1900-603, 1900-703, 1900-704, 1900-803, 1900-824, 1900-DDR, 1900-OFS, 1900-S-301 1900-S704, 1900-SDRAM, 1900-SP303, 1900-UWN, 1905 series, 1905-DDR, 1905-S277, 1905-S301 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, 1905-SDRAM, 1905-SP303, 1950 series, 1950-A630, 1950-A740 1950-S801, 1950-S902, 1955 Series, 1955-S301, 1955-S-801, 1955-S-802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807, 1955-S808, 2400 Series, 2400-A620, 2400-S201, 2400-S202 2400-S-251, 2400-S-252, 2400-UJX, 2405 Series, 2405-S201, 2405-S202, 2405-S221, 2410 Series 2410 Small Business Series, 2410-303, 2410-304, 2410-304S, 2410-404, 2410-414, 2410-515 2410-603, 2410-703, 2410-A631, 2410-A640, 2410-A741, 2410-CTX, 2410-S185, 2410-S-203 2410-S-204, 2410-S205, 2410-S206, 2410-SP203, 2410-SP205, 2410-W9X, 2415-S205, 2415-S206 2415-Series, 2415-SP203, 2415-SP205, 2430 Series, 2430 Small Business Series, 2430-101 2430-201, 2430-301 2430-402, 2430-703, 2430-A620, 2430-A740, 2430-S255 Aspire 3820 Aspire 3820G Aspire 3820T Aspire 3820TG Aspire 3820TZ Aspire 3820TZG Aspire 3820ZG Aspire 3830 Aspire 3830G spire 3830T Aspire 3830TG Aspire 4250 Aspire 4251 Aspire 4252 Aspire 4250 Aspire 4251 Aspire 4253 Aspire 4253G Aspire 4333 Aspire 4339 Aspire 4349 Aspire 4350 Aspire 4350G Aspire 4352 Aspire 4352G Aspire 4520 Aspire 4530 Aspire 4535 Aspire 4535G Aspire 4540G Aspire 4551 Aspire 4551G Aspire 4552 Aspire 4553 Aspire 4553G Aspire 4560 Aspire 4625 Aspire 4625G Aspire 4710 Aspire 4710G Aspire 4710Z Aspire 4715Z Aspire 4720G Aspire 4720Z Aspire 4720ZG Aspire 4730Z Aspire 4730ZG Aspire 4732Z Aspire 4733Z Aspire 4735Z Aspire 4735ZG Aspire 4740G Aspire 4741 Aspire 4741G Aspire 4741Z Aspire 4741ZG Aspire 4745 Aspire 4745G Aspire 4745Z Aspire 4750 Aspire 4750G Aspire 4750Z Aspire 4750ZG Aspire 4749Z Aspire 4752 Aspire 4752G Aspire 4752Z Aspire 4752ZG Aspire 4755G Aspire 4820 Aspire 4820G Aspire 4820T Aspire 4820TG Aspire 4820TZ Aspire 4830 Aspire 4830G Aspire 4830T Aspire 4830TG Aspire 4920 Aspire 4925G Aspire 4930 Aspire 4930G Aspire 4930ZG Aspire 4935G Aspire 5020 Aspire 5100 Aspire 5110 Aspire 5251 Aspire 5252 Aspire 5336 Aspire 5520G Aspire 5530 Aspire 5530G Aspire 5535 Aspire 5542 Aspire 5551G Aspire 5553G Aspire 5553 Aspire 5552 Aspire 5552G Aspire 5560 Aspire 5600 Aspire 5733 Aspire 5733Z Aspire 5738DZG Aspire 5738PG Aspire 5738PZG Aspire 5739 Aspire 5739G Aspire 5740 Aspire 5740G Aspire 5740DG Aspire 5741Z Aspire 5741ZG Aspire 5742 Aspire 5742Z Aspire 5745 Aspire 5745P Aspire 5745PG Aspire 5749 Aspire 5750 Aspire 5750G Aspire 5750Z Aspire 5750ZG Aspire 5830 Aspire 5830G Aspire 5830T Aspire 5920 Aspire 5930 Aspire 5930G Aspire 5930Z Aspire 5935G Aspire 5940G Aspire 5943G Aspire 6530 Aspire 6920 Aspire 6920G Aspire 6930 Aspire 6930Z Aspire 6935 Aspire 6935G Aspire 7250 Aspire 7535 Aspire 7540 Aspire 7551 Aspire 7551G Aspire 7720 Aspire 7720Z Aspire 7720ZG Aspire 7730 Aspire 7730Z Aspire 7730ZG Aspire 7735 Aspire 7735G Aspire 7736 Aspire 7736Z Aspire 7736ZG Aspire 7739 Aspire 7739G Aspire 7739Z Aspire 7740G Aspire 7741Z Aspire 7741ZG Aspire 7745 Aspire 7750 Aspire 7750Z Aspire 8730G Aspire 8730

Acer Aspire 5551 Series
Acer Aspire 5551, AS5551, Aspire 5551-2013, AS5551-2013, Aspire AS5551-2036, Aspire 5551-2036, AS5551-2036, Aspire 5551-2380, AS5551-2380, Aspire 5551-2450, AS5551-2450, Aspire 5551-2805, AS5551-2805, Aspire 5551-4200, AS5551-4200, Aspire 5551-4937, AS5551-4937

Acer Aspire 5551G Series
Acer Aspire 5551G, AS5551G, Aspire 5551G-4280, AS5551G-4280, Aspire 5551G-4591, AS5551G-4591

Acer Aspire 5553G Series
Acer Aspire 5553G, AS5553G, Aspire 5553G-5357, AS5553G-5357, Aspire 5553G-5881, AS5553G-5881

Acer Aspire 5739G Series
Acer Aspire 5739G, AS5739G, Aspire 5739G-6959, AS5739G-6959

Acer Aspire 5745 Series
Acer Aspire 5745, AS5745, Aspire 5745-3428, AS5745-3428, Aspire 5745-3633, AS5745-3633, Aspire 5745-5387, AS5745-5387, Aspire 5745-7247, AS5745-7247, Aspire 5745-7833, AS5745-7833

Acer Aspire 5745G Series
Acer Aspire 5745G, AS5745G, Aspire 5745G-3690, AS5745G-3690, Aspire 5745DG-3855, AS5745DG-3855, Aspire 5745G-5844, AS5745G-5844, Aspire 5745G-6271, AS5745G-6271, Aspire 5745G-6323, AS5745G-6323, Aspire 5745G-6538, AS5745G-6538, Aspire 5745G-6726, AS5745G-6726, Aspire 5745G-7671, AS5745G-7671, Aspire 5745PG-3882, AS5745PG-3882, Aspire 5745PG-3915, AS5745PG-3915, Aspire 5745PG-5978, AS5745PG-5978

Acer Aspire 7540 Series
Acer Aspire 7540, AS7540, Aspire 7540-1284, AS7540-1284, Aspire 7540-1317, AS7540-1317, Aspire 7540-1705, AS7540-1705, Aspire 7540-1734, AS7540-1734, Aspire 7540-5750, AS7540-5750, Aspire 7540-5980, AS7540-5980

Acer Aspire 7551 Series
Acer Aspire 7551, AS7551, Aspire 7551-3068, AS7551-3068, Aspire 7551-3416, AS7551-3416, Aspire 7551-3634, AS7551-3634, Aspire 7551-5358, AS7551-5358

Acer Aspire 7551G Series
Acer Aspire 7551G, AS7551G, Aspire 7551G-5056, AS7551G-5056, Aspire 7551G-5407, AS7551G-5407, Aspire 7551G-5821, AS7551G-5821, Aspire 7551G-6477, AS7551G-6477

Acer Aspire 7552G Series
Acer Aspire 7552G, AS7552G, Aspire 7552G-5107, AS7552G-5107, Aspire 7552G-6061, AS7552G-6061

Acer Aspire 7736 Series
Acer Aspire 7736, AS7736, Aspire 7736-6080, AS7736-6080, Aspire 7736-6948, AS7736-6948

Acer Aspire 7736Z Series
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Acer Aspire 7740 Series
Acer Aspire 7740, AS7740, Aspire 7740-5029, AS7740-5029, Aspire 7740-5618, AS7740-5618, Aspire 7740-5691, AS7740-5691, Aspire 7740-6656, AS7740-6656

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Acer Aspire 7741 Series
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Acer Aspire 7741G Series
Acer Aspire 7741G, AS7741G, Aspire 7741G-3647, AS7741G-3647, Aspire 7741G-5877, AS7741G-5877, Aspire 7741G-7017, AS7741G-7017

Acer Aspire 7741Z Series
Acer Aspire 7741Z, AS7741Z, Aspire 7741Z-4592, AS7741Z-4592, Aspire 7741Z-4633, AS7741Z-4633, Aspire 7741Z-4643, AS7741Z-4643, Aspire 7741Z-4815, AS7741Z-4815, Aspire 7741Z-5731, AS7741Z-5731

V5-571-6869 V5-171-6422 V5-171-6675 V5-171-6471 V5-171-9661 V5-571P-6642 V5-171-6471 V5-171-6422 V5-571-6605 V5-531-4636 V5-471P-6605 V5-571-6806 V5-171-9661 V5-571PG-9814 V5-171-6860 V5-571P-6473 V5-571-6662 V5-431-4689 V5-571-6893 V5-171-6675 V5-571P-6831 V5-471P-6498 V5-571-6869 V5-571P-6400 V5-131-2682 V5-431-4407 V5-471-6569 V5-571-6891 V5-571P-6888 V5-571P-6407 V5-571P-6648 V5-471P-6843 V5-171-6616 V5-471P-6467 V5-571P-6464 V5-571P-6815 V5-471P-6840 V5-571-6471 V5-571P-6472 V5-571P-6657 V5-571-6471

V3-571G-9683 V3-571G-9686 V3-571G-6407 V3-551-8469 V3-771G-6851 V3-571G-6622 V3-571-6643 V3-771G-9809 V3-731-4649 V3-571-6698 V3-771G-9441 V3-771-6865 V3-771G-6485 V3-571-9890 V3-551G-X419 V3-771G-982 V3-551-8458 V3-771G-6601 V3-731-4695 V3-551-8809 V3-731-4446 V3-551G-8454 V3-771G-9804 V3-771G-9851 V3-731-4473 V3-771-6833 V3-551-7423 V3-571-9401 V3-771-6470 V3-551-8887

E1-571-6472 E1-571-6888 E1-571-6492 E1-571-6801 E1-571-6454 E1-531-4694 E1-571-6853 E1-531-2621 E1-521-0851 E1-571-6472 E1-531-2697 E1-571-6402 E1-571-6442 E1-531-2644 E1-531-4444 E1-571-6490 E1-531-2621 E1-571-6454 E1-571-6848 E1-571-6837 E1-571-6650 E1-571-6481 E1-571-6811

The 3-Prong incorporate a ground pin that connects exposed metal parts to the wiring system ground. 2-Prong do not have a grounding pin. 2-Prong are often used on “Double-Insulated” apps that do not rely on grounding to provide shock and fire safety. This adapter has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the compatible laptop models. Reliable power for years to come.

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1 Short Circuit Protection

2 overcurrent protection

3 Overvoltage Protection

Product Features

1.full output current;

2.high output voltage accuracy;

3.the output voltage ripple is small;

4.the original standard design, 100% compatible with original power supply;

5.compact and lightweight, easy carrying, has passed series of safety certification, safe and secure.

6.The product does not contain (and not exceed the prescribed limits) European limit / disable of cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, PBB, PBDE six toxic substances.

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